Story Time.

Oh, hi it’s you. Thanks for comin! I was just about to tell the story about the piano. Grab a drink and a chair and I’ll fill you in.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She wanted to do everything. She wanted to learn…she wanted to BE.

Among the everything’s she wanted to know and be was the piano. (You can’t really BE a piano but …you know). However, circumstances as they were, she could neither be nor have a piano.

Time passed and the girl grew, and learned, and was many things. A piano was still not among them. After a while she forgot all about it.

Many years later, (ok not MANY…let’s say a sufficient amount of years later) the girl had become a little sad and a little bored. Then one day, her best friend Hub brought something home.

It was a piano. An old, ugly, broken piano. To be honest, the girl was a little annoyed. She was busy, you see, and her house was what you would expect from a girl as scattered as she.

“Thought we could fix it up.” Replied the Hub.

Then, slowly, the lights came back on.

She went treasure hunting in her little world and came up with a few bottles of paint, (can you guess the color?) some pretty paper, and of course, tape. The Hub did his part too. He tuned the piano, fixed the dead keys, and even taught himself a new song.

The piano was blue and the girl was happy. Not only that but she was making and doing and BEING again. She didn’t even realize that how strange a thing it was to have a blue piano until people saw it.

It’s always the first thing you see when you walk in that little house in the woods. And you know…it always seems to get a smile out of people too.

So…now you know. (:









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