Oh hey, about that…

I kinda stopped doing the room. The bit I did do is enough for now. It’s not the sanctuary I was aiming for but it’s better and that helps.

It’s just that I couldn’t do all that AND keep the rest of the house clean all while trying to get my shop up and running.

I think I finally found my summer niche, though.


Fabric button jewelry! Who knew? Oh it’s fun. I love it almost as much as yarn and maybe a lil more than pinwheels which I also offer now (:

Got my first custom order on a set of pinwheels for a nursery in mint, coral, and gold. Super excited about that…I think it’ll be pretty. I’ll post some pics when they’re ready.

That’s the other thing I’ve been doing…a lil social media. I’m not actually a fan of Facebook. Actually, I refuse to use it. But you can find me on Instagram @doesydoates if you want. I like that one.

I haven’t been posting here so much because I was actually trying to put together a tutorial. I’ve never done one before so it was taking a while for me to make sense of it, not to mention the frequent interruptions I always get while trying to write these posts (so if you see one half written it’s because I tried to save a draft and accidentally published instead…oops). It was a summer kinda thing so it’s a tad late for the train anyway.

Someday I’d really like to write one, though.

There’s a few more things I’ve got in the works that I’ll write up when they’re a bit more developed.

Til next time!



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