Lemonade Stand

Oh well hi!

You’re looking a little less hypothetical today (:

Sorry I haven’t been around much…to be honest I pretty much hustle full time. It gets a little…intense.

Did you ever have a lemonade stand? I always admired them…still do I mean they’re adorable. Never had one myself though.

Til now. I feel like that kid on the side of the road. Doe eyed and hopeful. What exactly is that kid hoping for, anyway?

He knows he’s no Starbucks. He would never pass an inspection from the health department. He can’t even make change if somebody is weird enough to demand it. I mean…really. What makes him so stubbornly, insanely, hopeful?

It’s the adventure, I think.

It’s that beyond all reason drive.

Terrible, wonderful thing that is.

I haven’t seen a lemonade stand in years. Not a real one anyway. They’re all the rage for birthday parties…considered it myself this year.

Still…where did they go? It’s probably not very safe anymore. I tried to imagine a scenario in which I’d let my kids have one and came up empty.

I actually hope that’s the reason.

I hope to God it’s not just because the future has lost that wonderful-terrible drive.

Looking at my own babies…I know it’s still there. Lemonade and hope and…fire.



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