And now…back to the biz.

So about a month ago I decided to go hard core. I read up (or grazed through quickly…you know) on all the stuff online shop owners should do.

Because basically there’s a billion of us. Literally. And it’s growing all the time.

Personally I think it’s awesome. Big fan of small business and all that.

I don’t understand SEO…don’t even remember what it stands for (always looking for insight so chime in if you’re feeling generous). Basically what I got out of it was this:

Did you ever watch Malcolm in the Middle? You know what I mean like you’re just one lil voice amongst many others and if you really wanna be seen you gotta work for it.

The bigger the house, the bigger the crowd, the louder it gets.

So for a small start up shop like myself and hub the “house” is now the world. The family…everybody. Literally.

You could stand there and scream til you turn blue. Or…you could get creative.

Personally I’m a fan of the second option but I’ll admit to succumbing to the first in the past.

I think it’s starting to show already though. And honestly…it’s kinda fun. (:

I’m trying new things with my fabric earrings…it’s really more like fabric jewelry now. There’s nothin I won’t at least attempt to cover with fabric.

I run into walls constantly. For instance, we live in a beautiful wooded area in an adorable little house…on a road that has never had the internet. True story. I don’t have a phone. Like…at all. I’m low maintenance. We had to cut back a few months ago so I said g’bye to the phone. Luckily hub has an iphone and works from home (thus my support of small business. We are the poster children.)

So we share. It kinda works. You’d be surprised what you can do sometimes. It sucks…but it’s awesome.

Oh and there’s no craft supply stores here. None. Don’t get me started on Michaels and Walmart. They are not an option here. No hate. It’s probably just this area.

This obstacle forces me to order all my supplies from other shop owners. Slightly inconvenient…but also really cool because now it’s like we’re a lil team…small biz supporting small biz. Win.

Silver linings are nice. (:

Big stuff comin up you guys.

Here we go, yo. 20140725-222340-80620540.jpg





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