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We’re considering a move.

Actually, Hub is considering and I am being supportive. Honestly if I could wave a magic wand and make Delaware make sense for us again I’d do it in a heartbeat.

While we’re waving magic wands I’d do a few other things too but…that’s another post.

Remember Wayne’s World? (I mean it’s 2014 if you haven’t seen it yet you need to get on that) This has always been a big joke here: 20140730-203052-73852715.jpg

Lately though it’s too true to be funny.

Hub seems to have his heart set on Texas. To a girl who has never been off the east coast, Texas might as well be Europe.

I’m pretty sure Texas is considered big under normal circumstances but I’m from Delaware.

Never been? Oh well you can drive the whole thing top to bottom in two hours. There’s pretty much just the one major highway and a ton of lil back roads but it’s almost impossible to get lost.

Most of all…I’ve spent my life here. Born and raised. I think your home town always feels kinda small and snug but this place is literally tiny. I’m not even from the “city” part of Delaware.

If Delaware were a house, I’d be in the linen closet, basically.

So I’m kinda nervous.

I’d follow Hub anywhere though. And I’ve met some Texans…they were all unusually nice.

…Delaware can be a lil…crabby.

Might be cool to tell people where I’m from and have em know where it is for once, too.

I’ll update that nervous status to Hopeful.



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