Dear Etsy…

Don’t get me wrong I think you’re great.

I just don’t know if it’s love anymore. It was once…I know it. But…we’ve drifted. I mean, we’re there alright; going through the motions but…

Ok. I can’t do this.

If nothing else I pride myself on honesty. So here it is: …I just don’t think we have the same priorities.

And I guess maybe it’s always been that way and I just failed to see it at first. Love is blind, blah, blah, blah…

When we met I assumed, based on your business concept, that you were for “the little guy”. I’d never heard of anyone like you before. You’re a wonderful, utopian-little god…at least that was my first impression.

A place where creative people, people like me, could come together, build something from scratch, support small business, and (ideally) give a lil hope to the economy. Where I come from, the arts are not supported. “Oh, you like to draw…that’s nice sweety, but you need a realjob.”

When I met you, it’s like the lights were turned back on in my head. I was just born to do this stuff, whether I’m paid for it or not. It’s in me.

And honestly, if that’s all I ever get out of this relationship, I’m satisfied.

I have to tell you though, because I dolove you, that I’m a little disappointed.

I’m a new, tiny thing. I’ll probably never impress the world to any extent and I’m fine with that.


I’m me through and through. I will not compromise myself to make a buck (Though God knows I need it). I will not pretend, I will not ignore my heart (cheesy as it sounds) when it tells me something is wrong.

You see, maybe I’m nuts, it’s been suggested, but I refuse to charge more than I myself could or would spend on stuff. I believe everybody, us broke girls included, has the right to shop once in a while.

God I know…that looks so ridiculous in type. But what I mean is I refuse to charge more than a few dollars over the cost of making the finished product. It just seems…immoral to me.

Etsy, how can I tell a young mother (like myself) who just knowsone of my dolls would be the perfect gift for her little girl, that I’m sorry but with the postal fees increasing, and yourfees increasing (am I wrong…?) I simply can’t let her have it.

No…I’d rather find ways to buy it for her myself. If I must compromise something I’d rather it be my wallet than my soul.

I know, I know. I did it again. Artists tend to be passionate, you know.

But I digress.

You took over 20% of my little profit this month. There. I said it.

Probably more…I buy almost allmy supplies from other shop owners. You also took a percentage of each of those sales from them…I don’t think I want to know how much of my money you took for yourself this month, to be honest.

Not to mention all the listing fees and…

I’ve met some really amazing people because of you.

It’s themthat are amazing though. They’d be amazing anywhere. They were amazing before they met you. Maybe I was too.

I don’t know. I need to think.

One more thing, though.

I think I met someone…




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