On that note…

Did a ton of research and long story short, my suspicions were confirmed.

Put it to you this way:

I had only one sale my first month on Etsy for $35, not including shipping. Etsy took $12 of it.

A pair of my fabric earringscost $3.50 in my Etsy shop. The total charges for me to list and sell those earrings are .59 cents.

Doesnt sound like much maybe but my earrings are sold only slightly above the cost to make them. With another .60 cents I could have either made more or, more likely, knocked it off the price.

Which is what I’ve done at my new shop.

I left the etsy location open for now because I have open orders and because I’m a lil nervous I guess.

Change is scary.

I’ve broken my heart over this and don’t care to elaborate anymore at this time, but if you’re reading this as an etsy seller yourself and you’d like more info (real fee breakdowns, screen shots and a whole bunch of other things I found in my search) you are welcome to email me at earthtobella22@gmail.com

I’ll do what I can to help.


New Shop: theBluepiano20140804-175110-64270270.jpg



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