Glamping and other Things

A lil overwhelmed at the moment but wanted to throw a few things out there. Don’t mind the bullet points, my brains need em right now.

* I’ve decided that I like blogging, even if my audience is only hypothetical (slowly becoming more tangible) and that I can only handle doing it in one location. I work from an app and barely understand it as it is so…

* There will be two categories. Shop talk and Human Stuff. Lots of times they’ll kinda blend but if a hypothetical (or an actual) reader is only interested in one or the other, they’ll be able to kinda filter my blog that way. In theory. We’ll see.

* Wanted to show you guys the wedding gift I finally got my sister. Again, the shop owner/creator has no idea I’m doing this, although we have a lil IG friendship. I haven’t yet told anyone about this blog. Maybe some day.

Anyway, I’m showing you because I really was impressed and sister loved it too.


They sure do.

Got it from The Crass Stitch and the workmanship is incredible.

It’s just so…inappropriately cute. And right up sister’s alley. I’ll be getting the Damn it feels good to be a gangsta at some point because I’m a 90s kid and I gotta has it.

So! She gave me codes for friends to get 20% off using my IG handle (doesydoates) I pass that on to you (:

I’ll probably report on the glamping later. The only way to rid ones self from feeling overwhelmed is to knock stuff off the list. Go I must.


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