That piano really is blue.

It’s so stinkin blue.

Actually…the paint was from a bathroom I decorated for us a few houses ago (we move a lot) and it was that “shabby chic” blue. Kinda minty or whatever.

Love the color but wasn’t sure I had enough so I poured a couple bottles of acrylic in it of varying shades of blue and green. I “distressed it after a couple coats of my blue mix with just a dry brush and some more acrylic in off white and brown.

Pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that…but it looks pretty legit. Surprisingly so.

I was happy with it, but I tell ya…people love her.

I know she’s pretty but…you know how sometimes you’ll hear your own voice in a video or something and you’re like “oh yuck. Hate my voice”.

Yeah ya do…everybody does. It sounds different in your head plus…it’s yours.

I’m married to an artist. Only recently have I seen him really appreciate how good he is. I never got that before.

This piano…I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around it. You shoulda seen her when she got here. Just the hand-me-down version that’s purely aesthetic (but ugly as hell) because it hasn’t worked in years and “does anybody even fix pianos anymore?”

If you have one of these unsightly and depressing burdens let me inspire you…a few bucks and a search on YouTube will change your life. Hub has an incredible ear, granted, but even if you don’t you can make it playable. And pretty.

We googled the logo on the front before I painted it in case it might be antique…it’s not. Twenty years ago she was worth $100 according to google and the logo was hideous so the blue paint went on.

I’m saying all this because she’s been very glorified since her makeover and…

I named my shop after that piano. It’s just me…quirky. I tried to get hub to explain the appeal to me but he couldn’t.

Is it the surprise? Is it so strange to walk in a home and be confronted by colored instruments?

We looked in to domain names tonight and it turns out the blue piano, as a brand, has no independent future. is…Chinese? I don’t know. It’s not English. Then is for sale…looks like they want your soul or first born whatever you’re willing to part with.

Not to mention Texas. Hub has assured me she can’t make the trip. He’s pretty convinced the cost to ship her would be more than she’s worth.

As far as dollars go.

Of course, I’ve never cared much for dollars. And I haven’t figured her out yet.

So I’m mentally stripping her of the paint.

It’s not working. The story remains. And that thing I can’t see. Sure it’s blue but what…?

And then hub sits down because he’s got a song stuck in his head and figures out how to play Champagne Supernova in five minutes and makes me fall in love with them both all over again.




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