My mom has this tea cup.

It’s actually a teacup/saucer set but there’s only the one. Other than the fact that it was handed down to her when her grandmother died, we know nothing about it.

It’s a tiny white bone china piece of a style that usually has the typical rose, bird, nature motifs.

This cup, however, has witches. Witches on broom sticks with big pointy hats and on the inside of the cup are tiny, witchy things like cauldrons and such.

It is so weird. I’ll try to take a picture when I’m there next. My great grandmother does not seem “witchy” or even quirky, from what I’ve heard. She’s been dead for 23 years or so. And who even wants such a weird piece, with nothing else to match it.

Me. I do. I’ve wanted that thing intensely for as long as I can remember.

The thought of a thing being one of a kind, even if it’s not worth a lot of money, intrigues me. It’s a big ol’ world. There’s probably a few weird people like myself who have compulsively painted their pianos a strange shade of French country. If I understand the internet (barely) and humans, then there’s probably a sizable group of people who do it every day, or who are afraid of them, or have fetishes for them. There’s a group of humans somewhere for anything you can think of. Google has made this a thing. God bless the interwebs.

Still…my personal world can be small. So sometimes I make something and I’m kind of impressed because it actually worked. I look around a bit and find that, so far, no one seems to have made anything in this way. Oh the tiny joy. I actually smile at myself. And I’m convinced it’s one of a kind.

However…and if anyone is reading this I may be shooting myself in the foot here…unless I use a material that is vintage, or created entirely with materials I’ve made myself, it can be duplicated.

For example, imagine my shock when I find I’ve got a shadow.

Just like the piano.

I’m sure they have em in Texas. It can’t be just Delaware that passes around old broken down relics, right?

As for that tea cup

Turns out it is rare, and evidently worth quite a bit of money (although who would sell it) and there are a group of humans who want it. But it is notthe only one.

And it’s still cool.




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