I’ve been trying out all kinds of social media.

So far I’m only a fan of Instagram, but Facebook may be necessary as that is where the storenvycommunity meets.

IG is visual, quick, and for me, kills a few birds with one stone. I’m a fan.

I participate and I honestly enjoy it. I follow everyone who follows me (I assume that’s the etiquette?) so long as they’re not a bot. I try to like everyone’s pictures and comment if I have one.

I don’t usually take the time to read through 30 something comments on someone else’s post unless it seems relevant. Except this one time…

I came across a post by a shop owner that I was following but hadn’t built a relationship with yet. It was bursting full with comments although the pic was just some app-made graphic.

As a girl, I know this means drama. I hate drama. I’ll take the longest route around to avoid it.

Not this time. I don’t know why, but in I went.

Sure wish I hadn’t.

What I saw there honestly broke my heart. Remember Cinderella?


Long story short, Ms. Owner (so she shall hereby be named) was upset at being “copied”. Her large group of followers considered themselves offended too and ms. Owner threw the offenders name under the bus.

They all proceeded to have a long conversation on ms. Owners post, ripping this other girl to shreds. No exaggeration. Then, and this is the worst part, they took turns visiting the other girls page leaving increasingly snarky, mean comments.

Most of them, ms. Owner herself included, had scripture verses in their profile.

That sealed the deal for me.

Believe what you want, dowhat you want, but be decent to your fellow humans, please and thanks.

This is getting long so I’ll cut to it. I left a comment to the tune of “My goodness, let’s be grown ups…” And quoted ms. Owners verse back to her.

Even though I’d broken my policy of not getting involved with drama, I was proud of myself. The comment was written calmly, and diplomatically and the hope was that they’d have a quick heart check.


Disappointed, I unfollowed the whole lot. And made this


Good advice.

I didn’t show anyone (wanted to so bad!) and have said nothing about it til now. Owners original post was deleted and none of my own followers have a clue this was a thing.

Dear Diary, girls are mean.

Dear High schoolers of the world, it doesn’t end.

You must end it yourself.



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