Keepin On

Again, fast and dirty and my apologies.

Busy week.


Custom order for a lalylaladoll Bina the Bear. If you haven’t seen these yet, you need to. Was lucky enough to have the designer somehow notice my IG account, like it, and honor me with a few comments. She is brilliant andnice. You don’t always get both.


I went ahead with some of my branding ideas anyway. If and when it comes time to ditch my Blue pianotheme, I’ll burn that bridge when I get there. I rather like the sheet music thing.


Not sure if I posted this here already (hub is after me for his phone…he’s busy too) but the clips are live on the site. They all have song title/lyrics as their names. Part of my branding ideas. All the articles about SEO advise descriptive titles but…we’ll see.

I really need my own iphone. I hate the way that sounds but I think it’s kinda true. Especially since I have no phone at all. Ugh…I’ve complained about this here before, I won’t do it again now.

But seriously…try it for a day. Find a cabin on a back road in the middle of nowhere and leave behind all your tech. Wifi, phone, laptop, everything. Maybe that sounds kinda relaxing for people who are tooconnected. So…try it for a week then. And when you need to check on your business, you have to ask a neighbor to share his tech with you.

It’s…frustrating. But I want this. So here I am.

I do not accept obstacles.




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