Lil Literature

Whenever I make a sale, I go right to my shopping cart and buy some supplies I’ve been needing.

Lately I’ve been getting a few lil things from some IG friends. Gifts like the hoop I showed you somewhere in the archives of a few days ago plus some lil stuff to show my support whenever I can.

If I had money, I’d do even more.


This is a lil book necklace made by Melody and Words. I had just thrown out (on IG of course) that is love to see an Alice version of her book jewelry and almost immediately she emailed me with a mock up that required no editing. She’s legit. She fills these lil guys with quotes of your choosing (or like in my case, she finds em for you). I got to choose the cover art too, and again she was the one to hunt it down.

It’s perfect though.

I’m gonna have to try very hard to keep it for Christmas.



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