Chasing Rainbows

I know it sounds adorable, but this is serious stuff.

I remember actually chasing them with my brother when we were kids. That really was adorable. I think kids were younger then, if that makes sense. Our parents told us we’d never find the end of one because well, they don’t exist.

We didn’t care.

The business of rainbow chasing is something I do quite without thought (up til now, of course, because I’m writing. Afterwards I’ll go back to the not thinking, which I prefer).

Just like dreams aren’t actual thoughts. You can’t make that happen, you just do it because it’s the natural consequence of sleep.

So are nightmares but whatever. Thems the dice rolled in loosing consciousness.

Same goes for those rainbows.

Thing about em is that they flicker in and out of sight even as you give chase. Looking up at the sky causes you to lose track of the ground and so sometimes you end up lost.

It’s the nature of the beast.

But a rainbow wouldn’t be worth chasing if everybody who ran after them was able to catch them.

Metaphors, on metaphors, on metaphors.

It’s a rainbow chaser thing.



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