Post Script

…I just wrote this whole thing and it disappeared. Whaaaaaat…?


I’ll do it again another time. It’s relevant and all but I can’t do the same thing twice in a row.

I can’t even make earrings match. I don’t even want to.

I’m really here (again) to say that I pulled the link to this blog off the storenvy site. It’s one thing for hypothetical you to wander in there, having already been exposed. It’s quite another for a shopper to innocently click that link expecting to find a perky, surface value shop blog.

Oh how I wanted to have one of those!

I really did…someday I might. It’ll be so damn cute!

I just can’t be anything other than myself, and at this time even my business self has a potty mouth and the sense of humor of a 15 yr old boy.

I feel that may be kind of a turn off to shoppers who don’t know how to “hear” the tone of a written word.

And I’d never be able to tell you lots of things like…

…that one time my brain exploded. For three years.

…my family that’s so simultaneously crazy and awful that I get whiplash…and who are probably just like yours.

Among many things.

And I feel like those things are what’s important right now. I’m in the last few months of my 20s and in the midst of a growth spurt of the maturity persuasion.

I need to believe I went through those things for a reason, hopefully several reasons. Like letting you know you’re not alone.

Who knows.

Plus, I had this whole thing written up for my about page that kinda hinted at why I don’t share this blog with people I know on the terra firma. It also disappeared…

Now that I’ve removed that link, though…

Shit just got real. (;




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