Virtual Thumbs

Poked around a bit here on wordpress last night and came to a couple conclusions:

* You guys are pretty good. I’d heard that blogging was kind of a big deal now but, as with other things to suddenly become mainstream, I’d assumed it had also become quite diluted. I was wrong. I have secret thoughts that the media wants us all to believe that society is mainly vapid, but I try not to entertain them. (One must beware of conspiracy theories…)

* It is a good thing that I only have access here through the app…I tend to shove my feet in my mouth as often as an infant…only so much less adorable.

* If/when I do have computer access, I think I will change some things here. Mainly the name and profile pic…this is just not the “shop” blog I’d originally intended. Another day another post for that one.


Ran across this post and I think the proper thing to do here is reblog and then respond…?

I thought it was well said and as a shop owner that is always looking to learn (and who knows that customers are the most important thing) I’d like to address it.

So I’m gonna!

But not now. Soonish.

Just wanted to say I’m proud of you guys, for what it’s worth.



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