Dear Gepetto

I come from a long line of toy makers.

Craftsmen, actually. They, like myself, made many things.

I’ve always liked the toys best of all.

I don’t know anything about my great-great grandparents (who does?) but I’m sure my grandma would tell me. When she does, I’ll be sure to write about it.

I’m never bored by family stories. I love a good story almost as much as I love a good toy.

And, really, they’re not so different.

My great-grandparents must have made toys constantly. They’ve left behind quite a trail of them, if anyone cared to follow. Most were given to my brother…my GiGi (what we called her) died years before GiGi-dad and so there’s a lack of handmade girl toys to pass on.

I have a few things. If they’re here Ill add the photos later.

It’s not as easy as you might think, making toys. Even if you are gifted in other areas of craftsmanship, toys require a little something…extra.

Character is key, especially in dolls and stuffed animals. I’ve had a few that were technically perfect, as far as execution goes. But they were terrible. Unloveable. The character was missing and without that you have a pile of pretty yarn and staring black eyes.

In other words, creepy.

I, a compulsive saver of useless things, gladly tossed these misfits in the can. No child should be subjected to that.

Anyway…it’s a dying art form. If you ever thought to try it, I sincerely hope you give it a go. Don’t worry too much about making a few duds…it happens.

You’ll figure it out.

Meanwhile, I’m nearing the finish line with Bina. She’s a custom order (my fav) and soon she’ll be on her way home.


I’ve mentioned the designer here before and if you crochet/knit I totally recommend these dolls as their cuteness can’t really be translated in words or even pictures. Their physics are similar to that of a rag doll in the arms of a child.





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