Here’s some Stuff.

Clever, I know.

It’s about 3am and my face hurts. That means I’m…thinking.

Or stressed. They go hand in hand sometimes.

So here we go with the bullet points again. Apologies.

* Wandered around the app again tonight. Usually this helps me sleep (no offense, it’s just soothing. You all are more interesting than you know) but lately I’m in a very…spongy place. Things don’t just float through the grey matter anymore…I’m learning.

* For example: I’m pretty sure my grandparents are better at the internet than I am. Seriously.

* I’m genuinely concerned about some things that probably don’t matter, while choosing to ignore things that probably do.

* I hate living in the woods. It sounds so rustic and charming and during the day I totally agree. At night…no. Just…no. It’s a friggin jungle. I had no idea. Creatures and bugs (a new kind every day!) just appear and do their thing and they really just do not give a shit. I, on the other hand, am thoroughly alarmed to find myself so suddenly amongst them. I’ve seen things, I tell you. And…there’s a turkey somewhere. Also something that sounds exactly like a monkey. No joke.

To be stressed out with your own human stuff and surprised by nature…I guess maybe that’s clarity.

* I am resisting the urge to stir things up. They are not my things. Besides, I tried that once. It didn’t work out.

* some things you just don’t poke. Like bears. It’s not being a wimp, it’s being smart.

It’s survival.



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