Couple things. Shall we bullet some points?

(I wonder sometimes if you can actually hear the wheels turn, or if there’s a smell of burning or something…anyway)

* Hit 200 followers on the IG at some point today. Somebody always has to point this out to me because I don’t look at my own profile page. Why would I? Still…I consider it a win and I plan to honor the occasion in some way. It’s the least I could do.

* I have to wait until Saturday though. Two other “events” will be insta-happening tomorrow and I’m no thunder thief.

* One is an auction I’ve donated to for GoShoutLove. I’m not linking to their blog only out of respect. They’re super sweet and very family oriented and may not appreciate my potty mouth. I respect that. However, they are legit, it’s a good cause, and you can find them easily by that name via the google or IG if you felt like it.

I’ve done a few auctions and I always let the people who approach me for a donation have their pick from my shop. Go Shout Love are the first to pick something priced higher than a few bucks. In fact, they picked the most expensive thing I’ve got just now, and it’s also custom. I liked that. Can’t say why exactly, but I do. So there’s that.

* The other thing – My gorgeous, accidentally popular sister in law is having a give away on her IG account tomorrow for her birthday. She very sweetly asked me to donate to this and of course I did.

She somehow accomplishes being pretty, popular (and it was by accident) and super chill without being obnoxious.

I think it must be one of those things some people are born with. Like Hub, who gets a song stuck in his head, sits down at the piano and bangs it out perfectly in under five minutes. I file that under impressive, right next to Ashley and her natural charm.

She’s on IG @thepeanutgallery

She also has (had?) a blog by that name around here somewhere. Been meaning to look that up. No clue what she writes about but again…she was magically good at it, from what I gather.

* Hub just pulled up with a bag full of new Wal-fish so guess I better get on that.



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