In Which Morning Shark is Replaced in Record Time

For the record, I wanted a hedgehog.


Because god only knows what owning a hedgehog is really like.

Still, for giggles I brought it up with Hub. The conversation went something like

Me – So I’m friends with a hedgehog on Instagram and…

Hub – Did you just say…?

Me – Yeah! And it’s really cute. He gets a bath with a toothbrush! In the sink! Plus…I think he floats. And what you do is just hold him up in front of stuff and take pictures all day. It’s pretty sweet.

Hub – No.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it would cause trouble with the cats.

Also not my choice.

When we moved in to this place it was even more of a jungle than it is now. The mice were literally insane. For a week I thought (hoped…prayed) that I was crazy because it really felt like they were in the couch.

I mean…as were all sitting on it. Just…doin their thang.

Then one night, as I’m praying for insanity, I feel like not only is there a mouse maybe inside the couch, but on it. Possibly even, horror of horrors, touching me.

I reached back because surely my prayers have been answered and I am completely nuts.


Mouse is definitely there…trying to cuddle, no less.

I probably don’t need describe the aftermath. Use your imagination.


There’s Gus…


He looks a good deal like Wilford Brimley…


And the other one with whom I am angry with for being a liar. “Mrs Boots McGee” they told us. No. Definitely a dude. And she/he was pretty too but now…have you ever seen a cat with fat rolls. Not even kidding.

I’d show you but he was unavailable for comment.

Then there’s Dagger…I’ll save him for later. It’s a whole thing.

And now, since the passing of Morning Shark, there are two new fish.


Hub said he had to scoop em himself this time. As payback he told the cashier it was $7 for both of them. Guy charged him $5.

Alls right with the world then, I guess.




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