Laundry. Turns out there are some perks.

He’s grocery shopping (poor guy!) while I have done about two minutes of “work” hunting for and then washing about a thousand socks.

I’m choosing to ignore the fact that in an hour I’ll have to sort through, match, and find homes for said socks. Denial is fun!

I know I refer to my past posts as if this stuff reads like the Twilight trilogy and you are a horny, hypothetical, 13 yr old girl. Apologies.

To make matters worse I’m about to shamelessly promote another shop owner who, like most people, has no idea this blog exists.

I don’t do this for money or thanks…this is actually my lil way of thanking them. I’ll also be posting the pics on my Instagram, and for the same reason.

Just sayin. I think it’s important that you know this. I had a really good reason and forgot it as I was typing…oh well.

This one comes from papergoldco


I compulsively package my orders. If you ever do shop handmade, you’ll find that a lot of us do. Stuff like this makes that part of the biz even more fun.


Blue one says “I’ve arrived! Can I call you mom?”

“Happy Mail dance time. Cut the music”



Yeah it’s blurry, my bad. Caffeine and photo shoots don’t mix well.

Well I thought they were hilarious and my hopes are that customers and postman alike will at least smile.



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