These kids that I grew up with…

I don’t think grown ups can make friends as good as the ones kids make.

It seems universal. If you’ve made a friend in your grown up life that you honestly love as much as your childhood BFF, I congratulate you.

And I’m a little jealous.

You are a unicorn. So is your friend.

Hub is my best friend now and of course I am lucky because I really mean that. He is awesome.

Still. I miss that part of being a kid. Along with…oh, so many parts that probably all come down to the same thing.

I still talk to my childhood bestie and I know I’m also very lucky to have that, too.

We’ve been through a lot, she and I.

She sent me this email today along with the picture of my niece she refers to:

So I stalked your sister-in-law on Instagram & fell in love with her and the family she and your brother created! Wish I could have met and become friends with her.

When I saw this picture of your niece, I gasped at how much she resembles the kid Lindsey I grew up with. It’s incredible how genetics work. Even your nephew looks a lot like Mikey.
Beautiful children, lovely mother and handsome dad. I’m so happy for them.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Can’t wait til i have my own to share. 🙂

Love ya’s!

Me neither, Ms. Lady. Love ya back.




2 thoughts on “These kids that I grew up with…

  1. My childhood bestie is my childhood bestie. We may have had so many ups and downs, but we’ve been the constant in each others’ lives.
    I am, however, also lucky enough to be a unicorn 🙂 and I wish you unicorn-ness too.


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