Asterisks are Too Much Work

It’s amazing what a few years and a couple of kids can do to your perspective.

It’s Friday and I can’t imagine anything more exciting than some peace and quiet.


Psht. Five years ago maybe.

I’m considering throwing handfuls of random socks in everybody’s drawers rather than attempting to match them. That is the worst.

I’m also considering inventing a disposable sock so that no one ever has to match them again. They can be biodegradable if you want…good luck if you sweat though.

Patent pending.

My kids make being exhausted look like a good time. They’re like a couple of tiny drunks, it’s unreal. I’m exhausted and it looks like hell. That’s because it kind of is. If I got a buzz off of it like they do I might consider a trendier kind of Friday and make this shit more interesting.

I’m open to suggestions.




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