Change of Scenery.

Ugh. I need my mother.

Course, that doesn’t matter. She hasn’t been around for a while.

I also need a computer for a sec so I can distance myself from…myself.

It’s not that I’m afraid of the people in my life that I might mention here.

Yeah the stuff they do effects me and so it’s on my mind and may ending up getting spilled. I’m not sure that gives me the right to talk about it on the webs though.

Since Google is a thing.

And they don’t always coming out looking very…pretty.

But I’m not a rumor mill. At this point in my life I only care about what people do if it effects me or my family.

In that respect I suppose the information is mine and I can do what I want with it.


If hypothetical people should be cruising their hypothetical Readers…they may find, if they cared to notice, that my name will be matching my URL.

I’ll work on that.

It’ll still be me. More than ever actually.




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