That’s not his real name, of course.

One day that’s just what came out instead of his first nickname and I’ve done it ever since. I don’t know why…he certainly doesn’t look like one.

Sometimes I guess you could say he sounds like one, but it’s less and less every year.

His first nickname was “The Man”.

Because of the hilarious way he slept. Flat on his back, arms straight down by his side, over the covers. Like a cartoon dad. Except tiny.

“Look at him! So serious like he’s…The Man!”

And so he was.

We got a lot of looks. You don’t see people going around calling tiny humans The Man. And you said it like maybe he actually is and you’re just chillen at the bar, swappin stories.

And it always was The Man. Don’t you just say Man…that is incorrect. You put that The on there like it’s Sir.

But even that wasn’t his real name.

It means Courageous, Valiant…


It’s a family name. It’s his name. The only people I knew to have it before him had died when I was little…and that’s not the name I knew them by. So while it has history in this family, he is the first to wear it in the front.

It’s weird though. It’s like I didn’t even name him, he is.

Serious. Smart, strong-willed, combative…big.

He never actually was a very tiny human. And now he’s almost as big as me. Not that I was ever big, I have the opposite problem but still…I’ve been here longer.

I thought I had ten more years at least until I had to look up when I talk to him but now I think it’s more like two.

I’ll have to teach him to control himself before he’s big enough toss me. He never would! He’s not that kind of Man. But he may have a hard time getting along if he always thinks he’s right.


Except that valiant part. Because even though he is a very tall tiny human, he hasn’t been here as long as you might think. So he is valiant for inappropriate things. It has something to do with the valiant part needing to practice, and his youthful lack of wisdom to know what to fight for.

He genuinely believes that it is always justice he is fighting for. It’s not an argument, it’s a cause.

I have to be careful because I think the world needs valiant people. It does not need anymore hot-headed asses.

So…how was he valiant before he’d had his first breath? How did I know?

Pretty sure I didn’t make
him that way. He just…is.

Weird though. Because he was the first, but there’s more.



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