This guy…

You know that guy that’s just…funny?

Like really he’s just doin his thing but somebody happens to catch it so you get to laugh.

And he just keeps on with his thing, probably laughable, even after you turn your head.

Cause he’s just that guy.

We’re a family of nicknames. Maybe you noticed. I was LuLu for half my life.

Lies. Amongst certain people I always be LuLu.

But this one…

That’s actually how I know I didn’t name them. He’d have a handle by now.

I do throw one out once in a while. It’s cute…but it doesn’t stick.

“Super-Noah” or if your feelin fancy, Champagne Super-Noah.

Rest, Peace, Comforter.

For someone so active, he is also all of those things. He’s also that guy that just fits everywhere; physically and because he’s so likable.

He is a lot like my brother. As sweet as they are, these powers can be used for evil.

And because I’m not so much like them, I’m not positive that they are always aware of being manipulative.

So either they are that good, or it’s just natural for you to give them what they want.

The same reaction probably occurs when you are confronted by kittens. It’s kinda like that.

You’re pretty sure you didn’t want baby kitty fuzz all over your black pants before going out but there it is and it was kinda worth it.

He’s still pretty young. I haven’t had a chance to pin it down yet.

In my experience it seems people swing one way or another to the extremes. There is no middle.

And these tiny humans have powers. Like…the kid that ended up being Vader…Anakin. Like they’ll come to a point where the Dark Side is an option.

I’ve been thinking that it’s not that point that matters so much as the things leading up to it.

All those tiny decisions along the way.

Like they could just reverse the story. Super Villain chooses to use his traumatizing end scene event to better himself and not go on a rampage and burninate the city.

He’s still gonna have all those powers but not the vengeful rage.

Wonder what that does to the story line.

And the royalties.

Oddly, if a movie or book took that option, it’d be a happier ending, but not an exciting cliff hanger so you might kinda smile and say that was cute and not really care what happens next.

“Oh it’s a happy ending. Aw that’s nice…*obligatory grown up smile* Can we go? I really need to pee…”

I didn’t look at any stats or anything but it seems that only a small percentage of people would run to buy the next book or stand in line for tickets to the sequel. How do you know when a movie is almost over?

Things start to work out. They build a crescendo and they owe you a Tonic chord. That’s music talk. Google it.

Anyway. I guess we’ll see. If it’s within our power, Hub and I will see it happen, this story reversal.

We don’t care if you don’t buy the sequel.




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