Five Star Diners

It’s a thing around here.

They’re these tiny, cramped lil places decorated sometime in the 80s…or by someone in their 80s. Or both.

You order a steak and get a hamburger with gravy on it. For the price of a real steak.

At one place I ordered grilled chicken and got the whole chicken. Who eats an entire chicken? Whole town calls this place “fancy”. It’s “famous” for being fancy.

So fancy in fact that you can have an entire bird presented to you so you can eat with your hands in front of all your fancy friends. Or carve it and serve yourself. Either way it’s awkward.

They line up around the block for it though. Literally. It causes traffic to back up and everything.

You can buy the same thing from those people who grill on the side of the road. Which is also weird but the line is shorter.

Do people grill by the roads in other places?

One of those is famous here too.

It is really good. Better than the fancy chicken. But it’s still just chicken.

Only it’s famous so it sells out in an hour.

I’m starting to think people are abusing these words.

Does having the same name as a couple of roads or a pond make you a “big name” in other parts of the world?

It’s like a statewide, collective kind of weird. Everybody says it, everybody believes it.

Small town mob mentality.



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