I’ll never sleep if I don’t so let’s do this

* It wasn’t me. It’s been five years. Five years and they acted like I was nuts and I started to think I was nuts but nope! I was 24. That’s all. Shit let’s happy dance real fast and quick

* Plus…when Hub told a couple people about what happened they weren’t really surprised. Like they’d all been hearing stuff and started to suspect him too. Nobody talks about anything around here.

I did. And that’s why they thought I was nuts.

* So while I’m really sorry I was right, I’m super excited it wasn’t me. He gets it. He’s kinda relieved too. And I let him feel stuff because, you know, he’s a human person.

Whew. Ok.

Yeah it was his dad all along. Taking every job that should have been Hubs. Slowly at first but after Christmas…everything.


And I wasn’t allowed to say anything because…”You can’t know that.”

Guess what. I did.



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