I ran hard last week trying to get to a place where not only were the socks clean, but my shop was ok as well.

I did manage to get all those orders done and shipped. I even washed a few socks.

Hub – So why are you still working?

Me – Because the world is like a T Rex…

Hub – Tiny arms?

Me – If you stop moving, it can’t see you.

Also maybe tiny arms I’ll have to think about that.

Plus I have plans.

I like helping people and I compulsively mother them all. I hold it back a lot…part of mothering is letting kids take a few lumps. But I think encouragement should be handed out whenever possible.

I’ve been sending boxes of supplies to a couple shop girls I know on IG. The first one I did instinctively. Something told me she needed it (it wasn’t anything she said or did…you gotta have a good poker face as a business owner) so I mailed her a box of lil things I happened to have. I called it an “inspiration box” and it really does seem to have helped.

That she did say and because IG is a visual media, I can see it’s true. Through her I met another girl who was in need (again, nobody asked me I just offered) and mailed her some stuff. She should be getting it today so we’ll see.

Being broke is very educational. You learn to be resourceful and to see possibilities you may not have seen before. Necessity really is the Mother of Invention.

You also learn to bargain hunt, trade, and get creative. I get every cent of my money’s worth…a lot of times I get more.

I’ve got tricks for days.

So I’ve got a baby idea to make this a thing I do. A place people can go to get the jump they need. It doesn’t take much actually. Letting people know you’re pulling for em is half the job.

The AC broke and my brains are melting or else I’d have figured out how to afford the other half.

Soonish. This is happening.




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