Editing 101

And now for the “equipment” I don’t have or use. Check it out:

Camera– I use the Hubs current phone (iphone5) or his old one that’s no longer connected. It doesn’t really matter although the 5 takes surprisingly decent pictures. I’m told other smart phones are getting better at this too but unfortunately I haven’t played with any. I happen to think that you can make anything work if you try hard enough.

This phone is actually all of my equipment outside of the light box. I’ll give you a list of the apps I use for editing and hopefully they can be found for other platforms as well.

All of these apps are free, or have a free version that you can upgrade if you want. I’ve tried just about every photo editing app out there and have narrowed it down to these:

Photoshop– It’s obviously not as in depth as the program, but it’s pretty good. I use this one to crop, enhance, and filter. So…pretty much everything. We did upgrade this app to the paid version about a year ago. It was maybe $5 and I haven’t had to buy anything else.

Instacollage- because sometimes you need more than one! Ha. I actually use it for a bunch of stuff. I never did the upgrade for this one.


This app has an option called color correct that is somehow better than the one in photoshop. It also has an option called “brighten” that is much better than adjusting the exposure in PS. I don’t know how it works and I don’t care. Results are what matters.

RhonnaDesigns– Just found this baby a lil but ago and it’s a lot of fun. It’s also pretty useful…


Haha. Lots of tempting upgrades there but not necessary. There are options for different resolutions too (which I don’t personally understand) but I think that means you could actually make a decent print in there so…score!

Rookie- Couple things you can do with this one but I use it because sometimes…


That’s pretty much it! There might be other stuff later but for now I am beyond distracted.

Hopefully this helps a hypothetical or two.




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