Somebody Call a Wah-bulance.

Did you call em? Kthanks.

You’re legally obligated to stay til they get here now. *smirks*

There’s a reason I came here.

Ok yeah it was originally gonna be an adorable shop blog thing but clearly I’m not ready for that.

I think now it’s because of my foot aka my current stress outlet. It’s always one body part or another. Basically what you do is tense that part of you until you honestly hope it falls off.

When you have kids, and even a Hub, I think you have to hold stuff in. I’m not saying you should or even that I’m right about that at all.

But in a pressure cooker such as the one we live in right now, it seems like the thing to do.

And I don’t have a mother.

And it’s still hot as heck in this house.

And my foot is killing me.

Do you think brains evaporate after melting? Like it’ll cool off and I’ll have half as much as I started with.

I sure hope not I can’t afford it.

So maybe it’ll just take a new shape when it solidifies again. That might not be so bad.

Think I heard some sirens so you’re good to go. Thanks a ton.




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