Just Sayin

* I thoroughly enjoy the look of (could it be?) embarrassment on the cats face if I happen to walk by his litter box while he is using it.

* I struggle with the internets because so much about me is nonverbal. Like the smartass smirk, eyebrow and hand gestures I leave as comments. I’m workin on it. If you get a hypothetical HA! Or Lol. It is genuine. And sarcastic. It is both.

* I was made accidentally by two hippies, probably in the back seat of a car. Believe it or not, that actually comes with some perks.

* Dancing, in any form, always brings a tear to my eyes. Including the guy at the gas station who noticed I was jammin and took the time to “shuffle” past my car. Thank you, random stranger.

I see your shuffle and raise you a circle glide.

* Yeah I’m awesome at poker too. Not “for a girl” but just awesome.

* I’m 5’1 and from my point of view, everyone is tall. You’re welcome.

* If someone is staring at you in public, they are rude and you should give em something to stare at. Make a face or pretend to choke or start dancing. Or maybe they are in love with you. Same rule applies.

* Spiders or any other creatury bug found inside will be mushed past recognition. Geneva does not apply within these walls. Any spiders reading this would be well advised to remember that.

* I like your face.




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