My Morrie

He was just a random old man that I would not leave alone. He ended up being one of the best friends I ever had. He taught me how to play poker, and how to be a grown up. I haven’t seen him in years, but these are the dying bits and pieces of wisdom I still remember.

* Never bet on trips. What…what the eff…?! I just told you! Well it worked that time but you gotta stop doing that.

* Me -“I wanna go home Denny.” His reply “The sooner you realize you are home the sooner you can start getting happy”

* Cats, like women, are living works of art. You’re lucky if you have one of either. But if you piss them off watch out.

* You have to live your life or else it will just happen to you.

* Intoxication is fine if you can honestly tell me you’re doing it for fun and not to run.

* Don’t forget to take off your coat. (I’ve been known to wear hoodies as security blankets)

* You’re a puzzle and men love puzzles. Just make sure you’re never figured out.

* Have some damn compassion! (I pissed him off every five minutes)

* You wanna know what it’s like? (Being an addict) It’s like taking a handful of laxatives and telling yourself not to shit. Next time you wanna judge one you try that first.

* I love you. I hate you because I didn’t want to love you but you had to be f***ing lovable. It’s not your fault.



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