Pigs in Shoes

You probably say it better.

What I’d meant to say was “Pick and Choose” but sometimes that so-Del raisin’ gets the better of me and three words become one. Like the trinity but less holy.

Watch me justify it:

*Pigs rarely wear shoes and I believe shoes rarely wear pigs.

* There probably aren’t a whole lot of shoes a pig would wear even if you took them out just to shoe shop.

* So you might say pigs are very choosey about their footwear.

* My imaginary pig is wearing red pumps. I have yet to decide if it wears four shoes or just the two in the back. Either way, this is a fancy pig.

And so now you see how I made that work. It does work and if anyone tries to tell you it doesn’t you may say to them “My pigs in shoes do not hear your nonsense.”

How can you argue with that?


6 thoughts on “Pigs in Shoes

  1. This is really hard to argue with. But I can answer a couple of things for you… you know from my piggy point of view. I don’t wear shows often but I have been known to wear mom’s socks. Why do you ask? I’m glad you asked my friend. I *hate* the feel of grass on my hooves. But with mom’s socks, I don’t feel it. See, everything you wanted to know. ūüôā XOXO – Bacon


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