Things I Couldn’t Say.

I have no idea what it’s like to be a man. I know that I probably started losing mom around the time you started losing your dad and that has made it really hard for me to learn how to be a girl. Woman, I mean. See. Not even comfortable with saying the word. Anyway, I’m guessing your dad stuff has made being a man just as scary for you.

Can I just say, for the record, that you are amazing at it?

Because you are. I dare you to examine your life in third-person. Observe Exhibit A:

30 years old


2 college degrees and over ten years of experience in his field.
Highly sought after for his skills in design and known for his quality of work, friendly working relationships w/clients, and fair pricing.
Has taught several college courses in this field for 8 years as well as working full-time running his own business. High reviews from students and staff.


Talented musician. Guitar, piano and digital. Could give lessons in all, has experience teaching guitar to high school kids.

Talented artist. Several impressive demo reels, prints, and yet another small part time business. Clean, beautiful and to the point graphics. A true artist who is able to translate ideas into a visual reality.

Husband of ten years and father to two active, healthy, smart little boys. Close, personal relationship with his family. Always working to better himself, learn, and grow for them. Because of this, he is their hero.

Sounds like a winner to me.

Also this – we are not staying in this crap town for you to get a job you hate. We have vowed to cut the bull shit out. If we stay, it’ll be because we want to. It’ll take a damn miracle.

Don’t you settle for less.



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