Things We Said –

* M- oh I never could that’s why I don’t.
H- What is that a Winnie the Pooh quote?
M- I Winnie the Pooh all over the place.

*The only thing we did wrong was not doing anything right – H

*Hey daddy we found this guy that was buried and his name was Rip! – N

* I tasted cat food before and it does taste better than ever like it says on the bag. Well…better. But not than ever. – R

* Can’t find my shoes again! How come magic always happens to me?! – R

* H- Sadly, goldfish don’t live that long.
N- Well I don’t want a Sadly Goldfish!

* I can’t have bubblegum because I might forget to swallow it. …I mean not swallow it.

* To get rid of creditors (predictors) you just have to start a fire. Creditors are scared of fires. – N

* I like cake if it doesn’t have cake on it. I don’t like the bottom part.

* oops! I dropped myself. – N

* Not all people are people. Some people are vegetarians. They eat toad food. (Tofu) – N

Started this list a while ago. One of many. “The best laughter really is medicine” – me



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