Good News & Bad News

I’m a positive person. To me it’s just survival. If I let the crazy-sad of the world get to me, my brain will explode. Again. So I always try to get something positive out of everything. That being said…

This place deserves a pretty thorough rant. I’ll post that next.

Here’s the good news:


This is definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Giant, inflatable, human sized hamster balls on water. Win.


It gets pretty hot after a while though.


They had three go-cart tracks, including this crazy-cute Noah sized one with a bouncy house in the middle. Win. We did the family track next and Noah and I won the race. Bonus win for a lil brother.


Reasonably priced icecream bars…even if they were named after condoms. And shaped like…stuff. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional…


Mini golf course that the kids hated but was kinda neat because, obviously, dinosaurs. And that sign? Challenge accepted!



Some kinda giant Johnny-jumper thing like the ones they had as babies. Some things never change.

The kids loved the whole day and didn’t seem to notice any of the awfulness lurking behind it all so that of course, is a Win.

I gotta go rant now though. Has to be done. So if you’re into that sorta thing…


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