Hypothetically Speaking…

So hey…you guys like dogs, right? Or if not dogs, maybe kittens or babies or possums or something.

Just think of a living kind of anything that you really like and care about. Got something? Ok cool.

Were gonna use our imaginations for a sec. I’ll give you a lil hypothetical situation and then ask you a hypothetical question and, if you feel like it, you can leave an answer in the comments or email me from the Talk page. Cool? Let’s do this.

I like puppies, so that’s my living thing. I feel like if I say babies you might think too hard so…puppies. You just insert your living thing in your hypothetical minds whenever you see the word.

Imagine a guy who kinda likes puppies, so one day he just gets one because…why not? They’re awesome. Cute, fluffy and fun and he can’t really see the downside of puppy owning so he goes for it.

But…turns out it’s not all fun and games. Puppies are work! Omg! So much work. Guy does not take this very well at all. In fact, he turns out to be a pretty crappy dog owner. Abusive, neglectful, the whole thing. He sucks at it. You get the idea.

Finally he throws in the towel and gives the dog up or drops it off at a shelter or sets it free in a field. He quits.

Years later, Guy starts to miss that dog. Or, really, the idea of it and he makes up all these over glorified memories and feelings and stuff. Most likely he’s actually feeling kinda guilty about the whole thing and decides he wants another chance. Another shot at a puppy.

He could track down the first dog. He’d have to do even more work though! Because now Dog has all these issues due to his shitty treatment. Guy is not a fan of that idea. He wants a puppy. Fresh, fluffy and cute. One that has no idea how crappy a dog owner he was a couple years ago. Also, he’d kinda like to show his neighbors that he’s not such a bad guy…he loves puppies!

Off to the shelter he goes! Oh, it’s a whole thing. He has really played this up. Facebook and fundraisers (gotta be a fancy puppy) the whole nine because Guy loves a circus. And cheerleaders. And people love to support him in his wackadoo adventures. They don’t know what really happened to the first Dog and assume he still has the poor thing around somewhere. Guy himself has conveniently erased the entire memory from his mind.

But you haven’t. You happen to be the person who was working at the shelter the day Guy dropped off the first Dog. He didn’t tell you the real story either but, kind hearted Hypothetical that you are, you knew. You may have even nursed Dog back to health yourself. And now here he is again, at your shelter, on a valiant mission to “rescue” yet another puppy. He doesn’t even recognize you.

So…here’s the question. Do you give Guy another chance? He probably would make a decent owner this time because the Circus he created to cheer him on will be watching. But…does he deserve it?

What would you do?


4 thoughts on “Hypothetically Speaking…

  1. No. I would not give him another opportunity because; He doesn’t want or need a puppy or another chance. He is under regret. Which simply means he has been detracted from through an experience. So an innate thing, a lack is assessing him. He might call this conscience and so he is really responding to this. Therefore even if he becomes a success with this new puppy, and it helps him turn the memory of his failure into nonexistence, he is still a pawn and duping himself for not being conscious of his true drive source. So though some might say that he had addressed the issue, in truth he has not. And going by his past record, doesn’t mean that we’re dealing with a bad example, it just means that we would be an extension of his drama, an extension of his obliviousness of his true need which is one of relating to value, identifying with value.
    So I’ve done it confused yet another human.
    You’re really good at this post thing. Awesome post.


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