Perfect Storm

I have this whole other thing written but can’t get to it right now (techlessness as usual) but this thing just happened that I can’t tell anybody else and you won’t get it but…oh God. I died.

If you’re a very patient (or bored) person you may have read previous posts in which I whine about this busted, creepy, swampy road I live on. I swear it’s straight out of Lovecraft.

Anyway, the Hub and I are cruising the road on our way to a slightly better place today and we see this…I dunno…what’s a flock of wild turkeys called? Gross? So we see this bunch of like 5, huge, fat and to be honest, entitled bunch crossing the road ahead of us. Oh they were so rude…they just knewthe Hub would stop and wait for them to cross.


See…here’s the thing about Nice Guys. The real genuine ones are great, durable, take a good deal of bullshit and don’t cry about it.

But…everybody’s got a limit. Hub apparently topped off at this most serendipitous moment because he definitely splattered a couple of those guys to turkey heaven.

You don’t do that around here. Those things are lil terrorists but they amuse the old people. It’s a big No-No.

So just before he does it, I feel him hesitate. Just a second, but it’s tangible. I’m instantly nervous because my parents were psychic Nazis and I have a guilty face so I never did that rebellious teen thing.

Stupid as it sounds though, it was one of those moments where you just feel something happening. Like an unexpected flux of the barometer. Oh shit, storms comin in.

“Fuck it” he grumbles as he floors it.

Hub is not like me. He’s a grown up. He doesn’t have sailor-potty mouth and he’s even less of a rule breaker than I am.

But that turkey just…had to go.

It was spectacular.

He floored it til we rounded the corner, slammed on the breaks, and doubled over laughing so hard it wasn’t even audible for a moment.

I married this man for his laugh. No lie. I was 18 and I lucked out because he grew up amazing but that laugh…I had to have it.

It’s…free. Genuine. You don’t see people laugh like he does. It’s goddamn jolly I tell you.

We used to laugh every day. I made sure of it. Laughing got us through everything.

Except for this last year…I could count them on one hand. The real laughs. Things just got…heavy.

I’d sacrifice all the turkeys in this damn swamp for that moment today. It was glorious.

Come at me, PETA.



7 thoughts on “Perfect Storm

  1. Oh jeez. Turkeys, like moose, are one of those things I was always taught that you Just Don’t Hit. Not because they’re special, beautiful creatures, but because a projectile turkey can go through your windshield and splat you while you’re splatting it! Glad the damage was only to an arrogant bird though!

    • Ha! You know what I should check that out because it was indeed a pretty solid um…bump. The guy didn’t even flinch it was trippy. I’ve heard that moose are terrifying…

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