Face Palm

Remember that old blog I so wisely said I’d never never dig up?

Yeah I totally dug it up. I really had to dig (thank god) but it’s there all right.

Course it is. I don’t know how to delete stuff now I sure as hell didn’t know how to do it ten years ago.

If I could reach back in time and slap that girl I would. I’d just slap and be all “You’re dumb!” And evaporate.

“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.” To quote Alice. Gee whiz.

Still…it’s not all bad. I was pretty ranty, pretty ignorantly ranty which is so much worse, but I said some shit that nobody else would say and I’m a lil proud of that I guess.

Wouldn’t say it again though.

Thank God there was literally nobody listening to it. It’s pretty much just the way I left it. Smoldering, but out of harms way.

Except for this one guy who left a long, vulgar all caps RAGE comment that made me laugh til I cried.

How the hell did he find it?! Hahaha. Thanks for that, Dear Sir. I almost took myself seriously for a second there.



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