Gamer Rage.

I’m calling it. I can’t work anymore today.

Damn it.

I’ve been in denial about it for hours now but clearly I’m just siting here annoying the hell out of the interwebs pretending not to be pretending to work. Or something like that.

I got stuff to the post though so…win! That’s two now. I’m gonna have to make up a few stupid wins today, this much is clear.

Think I’ll go with the Write a To Do List with the first item being…Write a List thing today.

A wins a win. Plus crossing stuff off is weirdly satisfying even when there’s only the one thing.

Speaking of…the Hub is having some serious Gamer Rage today. He pulled a hard two weeks straight on the job (we are so not complaining!) and decided to take the day to space out with the xbox.

The Hub loves him some xbox. And I love that he’s a dork.

But Gamer Rage…pushes my buttons pretty fiercely.

It’s a game. A very expensive one (another sore spot of mine) so it better be fun.

So when he starts yelling and punching pillows, and it goes on for more than exactly two minutes, I give him the tough love speech in which I play that out logically for him.

He pouts angrily at the wall, I go outside and listen to him rage a bit more…he’s establishing his right to rage and I respect that. Eventually he comes out, probably eating cookie dough straight out of the tub, and he’s the real Hub again. Thank God.

He’s repeated that process a few times today though and that’s new.

“You demolished a turkey yesterday dude you do not get to Game Rage all day today too. You’re just screwing with my head now.” Says I.

*Angry pout*

“Nope! Don’t start that either. This is so stupid. Life is bullshit enough please don’t tell me you’re gonna actually pay people to give you even more. Seriously.”

*Less convincing pout*

“You have 20 minutes and then the kids are home.” As I exit the door once again.

I hate doing that. I’m not that girl. Tough love is necessary though sometimes so…I do it.

And here he is now. Win number three.



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