I take that back…

You know I couldn’t that silly baby blog of mine alone. I just finished it and I’m actually really glad I did.

* When I found it earlier I didn’t realize that the first post I saw was actually the last one I’d written. Cuz I’m smart like that. I really is terrible. I was totally predictable at that age though so I was able to log back in like it was yesterday. I’ll be deleting the worst stuff just because I believe I owe that much to the world. A lil less ignorance never hurt nobody.

* That said…I’m leaving most of it. Even if it remains the invisible fissile it is forever. I’m definitely gonna repost some stuff here because I guess, ten years from now, I’ll hunt this long dead lil thing up and waste a day relearning myself.

* In a lot of ways I was a silly 20yr old girl. Kinda annoying but…she was way smarter than current me. I mean wow. Book smart, anyway. All fresh from college and childless and bored. I’d forgotten that was a feeling that wasn’t really just “depressed” toned down a bit. All that energy…ugh. But I need it NOW! I mean…wtf?!

* I do rant a lot but it was actually pretty good. That girl could totally kick my ass.

* I read the news and loved it. Wha…? I don’t even remember that. I’ve never done acid but I think maybe I’m having one of those flashbacks anyway. “Is this real life?”

Eh. My old brains will have to turn that over for a minute and get back to you.

Seriously though…I wanna Benjamin Button my life right now just for that energy…not fair.




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