Way to be, WP.

Hub has informed me that WordPress is an entire major at our state University!

Or maybe it’s just a course, but still! I tried to look it up but it turns out the University of Delaware has a hefty presence on the interwebs and about a ton of blogs here on the site. I got bored. Sorry. Anyway….

Well, I’ll be damned A’merca! My faith in the future is a wee bit restored. I’m probably so late to the party with this info but still. It’s goin down as the first win of the day in my book.

Oh…I get through my days lately searching for and counting out “wins”. I’m an expert survivalist. Dumb as it may sound, it really does help. Hub rolled his eyes at first but he counts on it now. He needn’t admit this fact…I know.

I’m also a natural diplomat so he’ll never hear me gloat either. And he is not amongst my followers. I kinda love him for that. The app I use to post here has been sitting conspicuously on his phone for months now and he could care less. He grumbles occasionally about the notifications but…meh

He’s pretty confident he’s got me figured out and he’s right.

To you though I say…

Told ya so. (;

You know I love that Hub so I’ll also say that at this moment he is feigning frustration for the excited lil squeal I let out when he informed me of this major/course or whatever. “WordPress is kind of a big deal, babe. For a while now, to be honest.”

Oh, thank you Mister I Blogged here Waaaay Before the Whole World Knew How to Type but Haven’t Written a Thing Since ’06!


He’s completely erased the memory of my first blog from his mind. Dated sometime in ’04, by the way…but who’s counting? It’s not a great memory anyway. I was a 20 year old hot-head and in the end his dad came in and took a big ol dump on my parade and I burned it all down with a Molotov Cocktail over my shoulder.

I’d love to erase that memory myself. I’m also sorta tempted to google it and see what happens…

But – no. Bad news bears, for sure.

Anyway…yay for WordPress! And UofD! And the fact that people still read!



9 thoughts on “Way to be, WP.

  1. Snorticles too funny my friend. Just wait until you tell your hubby that you talk to a pig. Now *that* should totally blow his everlasting mind – snorts! XOXO – Bacon


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