99 Red Balloons

So I wandered over to the stats page and see that now, much to my surprise, that the hypotheticals are numbering an even 100.

I laughed as usual because…why?! Haha. That’s cool though. I dunno. I think that’s pretty cool.


I don’t actually understand much else the stats page is trying to tell me. Clicks and referrers for instance…I have no idea what those are.

The views by country part is really cool though because I’m still mind blown every time I get to touch another part of the world without ever having seen the inside of an airplane. I love international orders. It’s cool to think of a girl in France rockin my earrings. France! Or wherever.

I play it out in my head too like her friends are all like Hey where’s that from? And she’s like Some shop in America. And they’re kinda jealous because she did that before they could think of it first.

Haha. I know.

Anyway, Korea is digging my blog today. That’s a first. Are viewers able to translate the language of the blogs they read?

Maybe they took a wrong turn…?

Either way…Hey you guys (:

I once again nod in your hypothetical direction a hypothetical thanks.




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