So I’ve had this suspicion that Apple somehow secretly designs all their products to start breaking down just after the release of a new one.

It was a joke at first…kinda. But now…

Hubs phone is less than a year old. It’s a lil trooper considering what we ask of it I guess but for the price I kinda feel like it ought to be able to morph into the Bat Mobile as well. We treat it like the princess it is though because God knows it cannot be replaced anytime soon.

This week we noticed a serious and sudden decline in it’s performance. Weird. It sleeps on the velvet pillow and purrs through the night like it’s healthy but lil things are acting up. Like maybe you noticed an interesting increase in typos around this blog. Maybe not. It’s subtle, but it’s there. The keyboard now has a mind of it’s own and it’s a wacky one. The autocorrect has gone completely to the dark side.

It absolutely refuses to send texts and random other things that are definitely in the job description. You can predict these lil labor strikes will occur at the most inconvenient moment.

This post, for instance, has taken just forever to type. It knows we’re talking about it…

We were baffled until we remembered the new 6 came out this week. Or will be soonishly.

Kinda convenient, right?




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