As a teenager it was the Moth Man.

The movie, The Moth Man Prophesies I think it was, must have sucked because no one ever seems to have seen it. I don’t really remember anything but being really freaked out. You never really see the creepy thing in the movie, just his eyes which resemble car headlights from far away.

I saw that thing friggin everywhere for a while. I can’t do scary movies.

I wish to God I hadn’t gone through that scary book phase a few years ago.

I’m convinced this woodsy swamp thing I live in is not Delaware at all. It starts out as road there, but at some point you slip through one of those tears in the universe from an H.P Lovecraft story.

I like to sit outside for a bit before bed. I find that open air and all that space around me relaxing. I’ve been doing it for years without a problem. But this house…

It was ok when the dog was alive. He died (very mysteriously) a few months ago. Still not ready to tell that story but ever since then there’s no reassurance if you hear a weird noise out there.

And you always do. Until tonight they were all natural; stuff just moving around in the woods.

This thing I just heard was not. It was like a voice but not a human and not any animal I’ve ever heard of either. It held a steady note like it was singing. Eventually another voice joined it, holding it’s own note about an octave higher.

I was frozen. Holy shit what is that?! I didn’t know what to do but I figured I better wait til they finished their duet or whatever before I make a break for it. I made it in but relaxing is out of the question for a while.

I made the mistake of looking the Moth Man thing up years ago when that was what scared me. My logic was that Google would tell me it was a stupid movie that flopped and disappeared and I’d be over it. Nope! That shit is legend. All kinds of ancient cultures and blah blah blah basically it’s a thing that’s been scaring people forever. Great.

So as much as I’d like to I guess I shouldn’t try to ask google about things that sing in the swamp at night.

I’ll have to stay in. Or move.



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