Sittin with the Cool Kids

One of the best things about being a grown up is the freedom.

It’s not the kind of freedom you think it will be as a kid. I guess you could stay up all night and have ice cream for dinner (I do sometimes) but the real freedom is finally eating lunch at whatever damn table you want.

Metaphorically speaking anyway. Grown ups actually eat standing up for the most part. You know what I mean.

Maybe it was one of the few benefits of moving around so much but I never bought in to all those lunchroom labels. I sat down and started eating…so what?

I remember a conversation at the “dork” table one day. They were mad at me because I’d eaten with the “cool kids” the day before.

“They’re only cool because they say they are and you believe it. They say you’re not and you believe it.”

“They said stuff about you too”

“I didn’t hear it.”

“Well I don’t get how they let you sit there”

Let me? I just sat there. Wtf”

Still…you think that sorta thing ends with high school. I guess the bad news is that it doesn’t. The good news is it’s still just special KoolAid you just never stopped drinkin it.

This used to happen on Etsy all the time. This is not another Etsy rant, it’s just the last place I noticed it. The rule still applied though. You go on doing your thing and you eat where you want. They might look at you funny for a second. Some of em will never accept you. It’s a security thing for them or something I dunno. I don’t waste time analyzing that shit anymore.

I just sit where I want. Eventually…and this is gonna sound cheesy but trust me…you’ll have a table of your own. I wish I could tell you the process but it’s kinda like you look up one day and there they are. And what you’ve got are not cool kids or dorks or whatever but this mix of people who chill together.

And I’m totally describing a lil network of shop owners I’ve got now but I’m sure it applies to whatever you’re doing. Now I’m helping other girls to do the same. They’re so cute with their shyness (though it makes me sad too. Why are people so mean?) But I haven’t had one regret it yet.

KoolAid is gross anyway.

Don’t buy the hype. Xoxo


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