Truth & Logic

I’m irritating myself by doing everything but work. I really need to work. Maybe it can be reasoned away like the boogieman. Let’s see –

* That shop of mine is a wreck. It took months of work to put that wreck together with only an iphone to work with. I’m a lil afraid that it will take months to fix it. But…

* I have Hub, an internet connection and access to a computer for a few hours. Today. I can do this, but it’s gotta be now.

* All my creative work is useless if people can’t use or are turned off by my shop. I know this is why I haven’t made anything new in forever.

* I can keep on avoiding it I guess but at the end of the day that thing will still be a wreck. Then I’d get to kick myself tomorrow for missing my shot. I hate that.

* I’ve been told to give it up anyway. My life is a full time job as it is, they say. Wait til the kids are grown…whatever. Seems like a cop out to me though. I’ll go with my gut on this one. I can have both. I dunno why but I feel like we’ll all be better off for it if I do.

* I’ve run out of interesting distractions anyway.


2 thoughts on “Truth & Logic

  1. Creative work is never useless, ever. And never give up no matter what, even if someone tells you to. I get told that all the time, and that I’m wasting my time. You truly want it go for it, I think we all get in that mood not wanting to work. Me, I try and make it fun, that way it don’t seem like work.

    • Thank you! You’re def right. After I wrote this I tried to imagine the “force” that kept throwing crap in my way to try to stop me. It’s always more fun if there’s a bad guy to defeat (:


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