Apparently I have to be sick now. This thing has even sucked the life out of my brain making it impossible to be in denial, my usual tactic against illness.

And I had to miss the book fair. We love the school book fair and never miss it. Luckily Hub took the kids without me. My kids love books so much that we’re always able to buy some for Christmas without them noticing even though they’re standing right there when we check out. It’s quite a phenomenon.

I found this one a few minutes ago and wish I had the brain power to get through it because it seems like a beautiful lil story. I did get some photos though. IMG_9578.JPG

Front cover. It’s textured too which is pretty cool.


Beautiful illustrations. I’ve always wondered how they’re done.


Back cover. Sounds a lil cheesy but from what Hub says it’s very well done in the story. Something about feeling alone but singing out to the world anyway and (surprisingly) getting a song back in answer.

I’m messing it all up due to my brain flatlining. This post will remind me to go back and read it later though.


Author and illustrator. Apparently this guy illustrated a book for Obama. Who knew the pres was writing children’s books? We didn’t spring for that one…I’m sure the illustrations are great though.



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