Writers Block? Here’s some stuff…

If you’re ever at a loss for inspiration I seriously recommend borrowing some kids for a weekend. I’m not a writer or anything (obviously) but I can see some material here.

Please don’t go on a kidnapping spree. If you know someone with kids I’m sure they’d loan em to you for a few hours at least. Just make a list of all the questions they ask you and (if they’re anything like mine) their many views on the world and when they’re gone, you should have a prompt or two at least. For instance (all of these are real questions from my own kids):

* That Curious George thing I posted the other day. My boys know we have some Italian in us and were wondering why we didn’t talk that way or eat spaghetti.

* A little girl told my son we were going to hell for Halloween. I think she meant we’d burn for participating, not that we’d be vacationing there for the holiday but I can’t be sure.

* They’ve been asking me about divorce a lot lately. Both sets of grandparents are divorced I can only assume that was the inspiration there. Still…why does it happen and what happens next are answers they are currently awaiting.

* Dogs must be able to live underground. Think about it.

* Ketchup. Both the spelling of the name and the fact that it doesn’t seem to apply at all. Same goes for mustard.

* We don’t talk politics at all in this house but something said at school about president Obama has been giving them nightmares for years.

* Why are commercials allowed to lie? This came up after some weird ad promising money for free. Wrap your brain around that one.

* They talk to them a lot about conservation at school but send them home with a pound of paper every day. Not an exaggeration. So they’ve been taught where paper comes from and how precious the trees are, which is super, except for all those stacks of waste I have to explain.

* Dinosaurs were real but not dragons? How can this be so!

* All cats believe they are tiny tigers. You cannot tell them any different.

* Pigs are smarter than dogs so why can’t they talk?

* If animals can’t talk, then how do we know they see in black and white?

And that’s just today. Anyway, I feel like there should be a blog post or two in there somewhere.

Wax philosophic on the origins of ketchup if nothing else. I’d read that.



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